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Check out my latest movie "Dying for Motherhood,"  airing on Lifetime now. Check your local listings.


SO excited to announce "The Right Stuff" will premiere on Disney+ October 9th!!  I will be portraying Jo Schirra, wife of Astronaut Wally Schirra.   This is going to be stellar!

My original song "Hope to See You" was performed on General Hospital at the Nurses Ball on August 20th!  So amazing to hear my song sung by Ned and Olivia!  They sounded incredible.



My YouTube Channel is up and running!  Check out...

The Laura Ault Channel


1.  Look for me as Joanna in the "Crunch Candy Bar" Ad

2.  Home Owner in "Granite and Trend Transformations"

3.  I'm checking my self out in the KETO Slimfast Ad


Latest Music Placements

"Hope to See You" on General Hospital ABC

The Dark Rite Feature Film "Over and Over Again"

ABC's The Bachelor "Give Us a Try"

Real Housewives of Miami

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