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Actress, writer, and singer-songwriter Laura Ault is gearing up for a stellar 2024, building on her recent success in the comedy "About My Father," where she shared the screen with the legendary Robert De Niro. Ault is currently garnering attention for her leading role in the Lifetime Movie Club thriller “Malicious Mind Games.”


Adding to her impressive portfolio, Laura is set to grace the screen in a recurring role on the upcoming Apple TV+ Series "Bad Monkey," where she'll be starring opposite Vince Vaughn (release date TBD). Additionally, she can be seen as Jo Schirra in "The Right Stuff," now available for streaming on Disney+.


Originating from Dallas, TX, Laura Ault has cultivated her multi-media talents from an early age. While initially drawn to music, where she showcased her natural talent for creating melodies on the piano, her passion for theatre took center stage during college. Following the completion of her associate degree in 2000, Laura made the bold move to NYC to pursue a career in Musical Theatre.


Amid auditioning for Broadway and earning her bachelor's degree, Laura achieved another noteworthy feat—writing, producing, and recording two albums. These albums have not only been licensed for film and TV but have also opened doors for her to write specifically for acclaimed shows like All My Children and General Hospital. No stranger to the creative realm, Laura's dynamic artistic pursuits extend beyond acting.


Based in Miami, Laura, who is also a former Zumba teacher, continues to balance her artistic endeavors with maintaining her fitness, raising two children, and passionately advocating for mental health and breast cancer awareness. Her commitment to these causes reflects her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment industry.


Amidst her various projects, including a musical comedy short film and a full-length romantic comedy, Laura Ault's diverse talents and unwavering dedication to her passions continue to captivate audiences, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

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