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In a Nut Shell

I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, TX wanting to be a vet or a horse jockey, but unfortunately in that regard, I developed pet dander allergies and long legs.  So my Mom took me out of horse camp and into piano lessons.  I started tinkering around on the keys outside of my assigned 30 minutes a day of practicing and discovered I really liked creating my own melodies, and not just melodies, but words too!  So instead of going to parties in high school or really having much of an exciting social life outside of track and theatre, I stayed home and created overly sentimental songs of unrequited love and cinematic scores for movies I could see in my mind.

When I got to College, my love for all things theatre greatly intensified.  I started seriously studying vocal technique and acting for television as well as the stage.  After graduating with my Associates Degree I moved to NYC in 2000 to train and pursue a career in Musical Theatre as well obtain my bachelor's degree.  Somewhere along the way of auditioning, waiting for my big break, and learning smart stuff, I rediscovered songwriting and poured my soul and the next few years into writing, recording and performing my original material.

I left the big apple for the beaches of Miami in 2011 to start a family and a new chapter.  After taking a little time off, I am so fortunate to still do what I love.  I feel so grateful to be able to live out my dreams of acting in TV, Film and commercials and currently I am writing a musical comedy short film and a full length Romantic Comedy.  So excited to see what the future brings!

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